Design Changes and Updates

I am de-Googling a lot of my own stuff and my projects as a side effect. I thought I would also give this site some love while I was at it. The page you are currently reading is composed of HTML & CSS.

That's it.

Of course there are fonts and SVGs hanging around and the required pictures for certain posts but there is no javascript. Bootstrap is gone, Google Analytics is gone, Selly is gone.

The current stack

I spent hours playing with minimal CSS frameworks and eventually just chose the one with the most recent updates and most features. For me that was spectre.css. With spectre I am also using Animate.css, although it currently isn't in use at this point I'm a big fan of Dan Eden's projects.

All of this is composed by the Cobalt static site generator which is written in Rust and uses Liquid templating. It is hosted on GitHub pages for simplicity but may be moving soon to baremetal with Cloudflare integration.

What has(n't) changed

  • The style (duh).
  • DosLab electronics related content is now hosted at The changes made on the DosLab side were immense for this and the web server itself is fully custom, no off the shelf anything. This itself warrants a full blog post.
  • Legacy pages (ones linked to the most by other sites) remain in place at their original locations. This includes CVE write-ups and other atomic links.

The fun stuff

  • Project Spacebar is in use on this site and works much better after the recent overhaul.
  • The title font is:

    Sans Forgetica

    I did this because it looks cool and is funny (fight me). All jokes aside everyone thinks I'm German because of the .de the correct way to think of this site is as ComputeCode. Hopefully Sans Forgetica can help with that.
  • stats are at the bottom. Race me to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Abuse IPDB stats are also at the bottom. Triggering Fail2Ban on DosLab servers will get you listed here.
  • Keybase link is at the top for contacting me any way you see fit.