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2019-04-17 DeMux: MuxHat in software form

Installation and usage instructions for the DeMux flashing utility.

2019-04-07 Commenteer: Code Commenting Made Easy

A new project designed to make comment header addition to existing source code a bit easier.

2019-04-03 Upcoming Firmware Flasher for 2011 MacBook gMux

An announcement regarding a recent pre-release video as well as a scam alert for those seeking repairs.

2018-11-28 MuxHat: Making GPU modding easy.

As MacBook Pro 2011s age their dedicated graphics dies. This is a hardware solution to get these machines back up and running in a simple, easy manner.

2018-09-24 DyingLight: Software and Hardware to Bring Back Brightness Functionality of MacBooks.

Backlight control for MacBooks with dead dedicated graphics chips. Allowing for seamless control of the backlight brighness via specially designed drivers and hardware.

2018-07-29 Local Privilege Escalation in Certiport Testing Software

When vendors ignore least privilege guidelines you end up with local admin in a secure testing facility. The story of Pearson and their CertiPort software.

2018-6-16 ActiveAntiPhish - Protecting Stolen Credentials Using Saturation

Phishkits. What they are, where to find them, and how to defend against them. Plus a little bit of knowledge found on the underground.

2018-6-9 First Post

The first blog post.